4 Handy Steps to Block Yahoo Mail Incoming Email

Yahoo Mail Customer Support

Millions of people have come to depend on the ease and competence of emailing to control their personal and professional business. Via the emails, you can instantly send/receive the required information, and even discuss your plan, share your thoughts and updates. Though Yahoo Mail is well-known for secure email service, most of the users become annoyed when they get messages from the unwanted email addresses. They might get that the email senders drain their time or disrupt them overly. In such a situation, you can call on the Yahoo helpline number and get solutions to block all incoming emails.

Know How to Block an Incoming Emails in the Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail provides their users the option of blocking such unnecessary email senders. The ‘Filter’ function in the Yahoo mail will stop the emails from ever reaching the mailbox. Here’s how to filter emails with Yahoo.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Yahoo Mail website and open the inbox. Click the ‘Options’ menu on the top-right side of the page. Choose the ‘Mail Options’ from the drop-down menu list.

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Spam’ button on the top-left corner of the page. Click to select the ‘Automatically send suspected spam to the Spam folder option’ checkbox. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Step 3 – Go back to the Yahoo mailbox. Select the check box to the left of any additional email that comes into the inbox of Yahoo email account. You can click either after or before opening the email.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Spam’ button on the toolbar of the inbox. It marks the emails as spam, and in the future, the Spam Guard tool of Yahoo will block the email and directly send all incoming emails into the spam folder.

Now, you will not get any emails from a particular sender’s email address in the future. However, if you’re having any questions regarding these steps or unable to stop junk or spam emails from entering into your Yahoo mailbox after continuing with these steps appropriately, it’s highly recommended to dial the Yahoo mail customer care number and speak with experts to get your email problems resolved as quickly as possible.