Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Incredimail SMTP Error

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Having issues in sending an email message utilizing the IncrediMail? Indeed, it primarily occurs because of the error message ‘530 Authentication Required’ or ‘535 Incorrect Authentication Data’. Despite the fact that these are difficult-to-deal-with errors, they tell you that you have to investigate and settle the issue. To decide the SMTP issue that you are confronting with an email account, right off the bat, you have to peruse the error message legitimately and afterward change the setup settings as vital. In this stage, you can likewise contact IncrediMail support to get an ideal master’s help. However, we have also tried to mention some of the best troubleshooting tips below, you can take a quick look:

Changing SMTP Configuration

If you are confronting issues because of your mix-up, change your setup settings to settle the SMTP issue. In doing that, tap on the “Tools” menu put at the window top side and pick the ‘Email Accounts’ choice. Presently, tap on the record, and afterward, click the “Properties” catch to demonstrate the setup for your record. On the off chance that you confront any troubles rolling out improvements in the settings, contact IncrediMail bolster number to get the help of the skilled specialists and bother free arrangements.

Server Cannot Be Found

This error message informs you that you can’t associate with the email server. When you open the “Properties” window, tap on the “Servers” area and fill the right address in the ‘Active Mail Server’ field. All things considered, Windows demonstrates a ‘Security Alert’ incite while attempting to send an email for the central time with the IncrediMail, tap on the “Unblock” catch to get associated with the server again before altering the address. You can likewise apply this investigating venture for the ‘Neglected to Connect to the Incoming/Outgoing Server’ error message.

530 Authentications Required

This particular error message demonstrates that your email server needs you to sign in before sending any email, and IncrediMail is attempting to transmit an email without getting to your record. When you open the “Properties” window, tap on the “Servers” area and put a check in the ‘My server requires validation’ box.

535 Incorrect Authentication Data

You may confront this error message if you have not yet entered the correct secret word for your email account. In such a circumstance, you will typically additionally find that you can’t get the message. While opening the “Properties” window, tap on the “Servers” area and give the correct secret word in that particular field. If you get the connection failed error message, likewise ensure the “Username” field and consider that it’s precise.

In any case, if the SMTP issue still holds on to your email account, consider that you need to take quick assistance from the professionals. Just call them up at IncrediMail customer service number. Also, if you don’t have this number, easily get it from the website of ContactforService. Since the website is a trusted online directory, you will only find verified numbers of customer support and services.