5 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Kodak ESP 7250 Printer Problems

5 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Kodak ESP 7250 Printer Problems

Kodak ESP 7250 all-in-one printer is mainly intended to allow users to print copy and scan documents and pictures. It accommodates the size of paper from 8.5-by-11 to 8.5-by-14 inches. The 7250 can connect both wired and wirelessly to your computer and comes with all of the memory card slots that support Memory Stick, Secure Digital, Compact Flash, and xD Picture Cards. However, in the printing process, you might face problems with paper jams and power outages. On the occasion of such issues, you can contact Kodak printer tech support phone number and obtain solutions.

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To fix your Kodak ESP 7250 printer problems, check this troubleshooting process:

Step 1 – Disconnect the power cable from the back of your Kodak printer to restart the connection if the printer doesn’t start automatically. Check the power cord length for cuts and frays. If any damage is found, replace the cable. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet, connect other electronic appliance into the outlet and check that it is working or not. If it works, disconnect it and plug the Kodak 7250 printer back to the power outlet for connection.

Step 2 – Remove both ends of the USB cable from your computer and the printer respectively, and then connect the back firmly, if your PC doesn’t recognize your Kodak printer. Check that the USB is a 2.0 USB cable. If you have a wireless connection, inspect that the Wi-Fi works appropriately and that the router broadcasts the data correctly. If the connected system is using the firewall, make sure that it’s not blocking the activity required to recognize your ESP printer.

Step 3 – Raise the printer cover on the head of your Kodak machine and remove the paper from around the area of the print head, if the ESP printer indicates the jam due to the print head and cartridges. Pinch the labels at the top of the print cartridge and pull it up to extract it. Reinsert the ink cartridge with the tabs facing to the front of your printer, until it places accurately. Remove and reinstall both the ink cartridges.

Step 4 – Raise the output tray in the front-face of the printer, remove the paper tray and pull out the paper from your printer. If you’re using the non-Kodak brand paper and the print quality is blurry or blotchy, remove the pages and ensure that only Kodak or the pages with the logo ‘Colorlok Technology’ is used. Place the paper on the feeder tray and shift the front and left paper edge routes comfortably against the paper sides and close the tray till it puts into position.

Step 5 – Remove the duplexer unit at the rear of your Kodak printer to open the clear-out part behind the duplexer. Gradually pull stuck paper free of the area and insert the duplexer again. Check the pages loaded into the front tray for creases, dents or tears. If the paper is whatever but plane, pull it out from the tray. Never overfill the paper tray more than 100 sheets.

However, if everything else troubleshooting steps didn’t help to resolve the paper jams and power outage issues related to the Kodak ESP 7250 all-in-one printer, you should contact the technicians. You can report your queries to the technical experts by dialing the Kodak printer support number and seek immediate solutions.